Beetroot Hummus

Rote Bete Hummus

I am so happy that Hummus has made its way in all our hearts. Lebanese don’t know ” structured meal times ” and eat when they feel like it. As a child I always liked to walk into the kitchen, … Read More

Thick Beans Salad

Thick beans salad

When you’re really hungry, ” Salad” always sounds like a slap, doesn’t it? When I’m Hangry, you can’t come up with a salad anyway. Well – unless it’s part of the garnish of a big juicy burger or something. But … Read More

Spinach Pies – Fatayer

Fatayer Spinach pies

Thanks to my Lebanese eating habits I am actually quite spoiled culinarily. Why? Because I rarely really make up my mind when I eat. I would like to take something from everything. That’s exactly why I love oriental tables. You … Read More

Marble cake with Tahini and cardamom dust

marble cake tahini cardamom

Marble cake – an absolute classic worldwide. Look at the photo: The cake looks like any other cake baked in a cake mould. And also very classic: the crowning highlight with icing sugar. But this cake here hides a small … Read More

Lebanese butter rice

Lebanese Butter Rice

[Riz] As soon as the sweet, intense scent of hot butter slowly spreads in the air and seeks its way through the apartment, the butterflies flutter inside me. The thought of butter rice alone makes me happy. Even if I … Read More